A lot of friends have asked me how does the District's water compare to bottled water? While I think our water tastes great, I did not actually know the answer to that questions. I asked our water experts to analyze our water and compare it to some common bottled and processed water. Interestingly, people who drink bottled water pay more for water per gallon than they pay for gasoline in their car. According to the International Bottled Water Association, Americans use on average, 167 bottles of water per person every year. They spend 15 billion dollars on bottled water every year. If the average cost of tap water were the same price as the cheapest bottled water, you would be paying $9,000 per month in water bills.

I am happy to tell you that our water very favorably compares to or exceeds the water that you buy in stores. Zephryhills, CVS, and Publix bottled water; as well as Brita and a neighboring community municipal water supply were used in the comparison.

With these results there is every reason to enjoy the water out of your faucet tap. I recommend that you get a PABA free container and use the water we produce for you, and save a lot of money by not purchasing bottled water.


Dr. Martin Shank, Board President

Click here for our comparison report.